I will Teach you Everything you need to Become Your own Makeup Artist so you can SAVE MONEY and Never have to worry about your Makeup application ever again! New lessons Updated Weekly.

I have spoken with so many young girls who have said to me , “Eva I want to learn how to do my makeup, even if it’s just the eyebrows” – I can honestly say I must have heard this almost every week in the past year.

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Become Your own Makeup Artist!

The first time I picked up a makeup product was 15 Years ago, before Filters and Selfies, before YouTube tutorials and the entire Highlighting and  contouring madness.

I am only Here to Help, as much as I can

I was young, I was excited, and I was eager to create looks on myself. My mother was not always big on makeup. She spent all of her time giving us her love she barely had enough time for herself.  So no, this wasn’t something I picked up from home, being an only girl with 3 brothers that I couldn’t possibly have learned Makeup from.

In fact I was always a tomboy.  So how makeup?

I honestly think that Makeup found me, and chose me. It wasn’t something I chose cause I was such a diva, I’ve never been. It was something that fired up the Creative passions within me. I could look extra and I could show off my artistic skills at the same time!

Soon enough everyone else wanted to know how I got my own makeup done perfectly and so began a new Life for me, I became a Makeup Teacher. I set up studio classes and held workshops and taught as many women as attended with Passion and Love.  The best stories are the ones I read back from Successful Makeup artists today who started their careers in my Studio but have gone on to build themselves up to super brands and Entrepreneurs.

Through Makeup I have met so many young, passionate and driven women from all works of Life who share with me their life changing experiences with makeup. This is not just about Beauty, It is about Life, and self expression and Self worth.

It is about People’s lives.

And for that I will be eternally grateful.

I Will Teach You Everything!

After this Course, be rest assured that you will be fully equipped both in theory and Practical, with everything you need to know about Makeup artistry. You will begin to apply your own Makeup better immediately, and you never have to spend money on a Makeup artist if at all necessary.
I have been Teaching Makeup for over 10 years now, and if there's anything I know, it is the fact that anyone can become a PRO at Makeup when guided correctly, and that's exactly what I am here for: 
To be a guide you can Trust.

Face Makeup

Most of the women I have spoken with have issues with their face makeup especially when it comes to blending. In this course you will learn:

  • Introduction to The Tools and Products for Face Makeup
  • Choosing the right shade of Foundation for you
  • How to Blend Foundation flawlessly without creating a cakey looking skin
  • How to make Foundation last 24 hours
  • Face Scuplting: How to Highlight and contour your skin for your own Face shape
  • Using Blush, Highlighte and Bronzer like a PRO
  • How to create a no-makeup Makeup look
  • Your Simple 5 Minute flawless face routine

Eye Makeup

Do you skip eye makeup because you do not know what to do? Or do have problems with combining and blending shadows? I’ll teach you

  • Introduction to The Tools and Products for Eye Makeup
  • How to buy Eye shadows
  • The Art of Eyeshadow Blending
  • How to combine matte and shimmer shadows for beautiful looks
  • 2 Eyeshadow looks for day/school/work
  • 2 Eyeshadow looks for night/events/parties
  • How to use eyeliner like a PRO
  • How to fix eyelashes on yourself
  • How to Create a perfect cut-crease look

Brand New Sections Weekly!

Until you are done with this Online Course, New Sections will be added and updated periodically every week and they will be unlocked at expected dates. So expect Brand New Videos, Files, Downloads right here when you log-in from time to time

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos File Icon 6 files


Introduction and Basics
9 steps to Perfect makeup kit 2.pdf
1.19 MB
Foundation Application and Tools
Foundation Matching to Skin
Contouring Basics - Personal Makeup Course.mp4
9 mins
Basics of Makeup Highlighting with Cream- Brushingly.mp4
15 mins
Makeup Brushes You Need
Eyebrows Lesson-1
Eyebrows Lesson #2
Eye Makeup Introduction 1
27 mins
Intense Eye Makeup (Part 1) BLENDING
18 mins
Intense Eye Makeup (Part 2) CUT CREASE
14 mins

Improving lives one message at a time

I am Passionate about helping others Live better, more Productive lives while doing it within their highest Truth.


Why can't I just Learn Makeup Watching YouTube Videos?

You can! A lot of people have. But you would spend many months trying to get the precise information you need. Plus YouTube is really just a bunch of all of us sharing what we know. Not everyone doing Makeup on YouTube is a professional Makeup artist with actually real life experience.

With a training series like this in the #SlayCamp  You would be getting in depth information, tools and techniques through a Professional educative series.

I share free Videos tutorials on Youtube too, but like everyone else they are more for demonstration purposes than actual Training and Makeup education.

Can I really Learn Makeup Online?

Of course you can! Thousands of young women just like you have successfully Learned and upgraded their Skills in Makeup artistry by taking online Courses.
We have created this course in easy to follow sections that make for easy Learning and applicability in real life situations. You will be getting your lessons in all formats, Videos, Texts, Ebooks, Audio, Direct messaging and however we find necessary to relay valuable information to you.