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YOU ARE A DIVINE CREATOR in this World. Understand this, cause when you do, your whole life will take a better turn. The question is, "Are you Creating your Life by Design consciously or are you running on a default programming that is out of your control? 2 Years ago I was the most Sad I had ever been, I was depressed, run down, hated my life and I was on the verge of Suicide. My life has gone a 360 turn since then and everything I share with you in this Volume is what helped me get back up and be Elevated to where I am now in my Being. WORDS! When I learned to Change my Words and understood how to Program my subconscious mind, My Life Changed. It was the most radical healing I had ever experienced and I promised myself to share this information with as many people as I could till I couldn't share anymore. "In the Beginning was the WORD.." The words you speak are as a result of the Thoughts you think and everything you Think you Create and Become. Your Inner world becomes your outer world and there is no separation. The physical world is only a mirror/reflection of your mental state of being. When you understand this fully, you can then begin to take new conscious steps towards changing your Life by changing your Thoughts. Brian Tracy says this best with his Book of the same Title "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" This small volume "111 POWER THOUGHTS" has been written to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for Success, Abundance, Love, Joy and a life of ease and conscious creation. You will learn how to take back your Divine Creative Power, using 111 Powerful Thoughts that will replace the default programming that now runs your Life. ______________ PRE-ORDER now and get instant access to Weekly updates and Wisdom that have been designed to help your Growth process
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How To SHOOT & EDIT Videos on Your Phone

In this FREE Video Course series, I teach you how you too can begin to film and edit your Videos on your Mobile Phone. You will Learn everything from Titles, Transitions and More. I also share with you Gear and Equipment you might need for Mobile Video Production.
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